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About Us

What is Weight Directory?

Weight Directory is a free site that helps consumers compare prices on a range of healthcare products. Our aim is to help you save your money when it comes to shopping for healthcare products online. We make sure to present the best possible healthcare deals for you.

At Weight Directory, we provide one of the most unique platforms for health-related product sellers and services in the world. We are mainly focused on transforming you for the good! We strive to gather a genuine support system for you. Showcasing worthy health product sellers, we look forward to uplifting your physical as well as mental health!

Our main objective

One of our prime objectives is to put the focus on genuine product sellers to facilitate you and your health in every possible way. We prioritize your health-related needs to ensure that you are blessed with a healthy life. We help you become your best version! We make sure to provide our customers with top-class sellers of health services and products.

A diverse online marketplace

Our virtual marketplace is for health products only. We indulge a massive range of merchants. We provide you with a smart platform where you can browse or search for specific products and trusted merchants. You can compare the products in terms of price, quantity, merchant rating and other product attributes.

Our mission

We indirectly motivate you to take care of your fitness. We are aware that when you are fit, you are happier and more relaxed. Thus, it is a part of our mission to help everyone become healthier human beings.

We enable our customers to find and compare a superb range of health-related services. We maintain diversity. We allow genuine vendors to create stores on our website as well.

Focusing on forming a massive online fitness community, we help you to become success-driven in the department of health! We encourage you and help you with being little changes in your lifestyle that can improve your overall health.

Setting a bunch of core values, we look forward to unite all of us. We help you to put the unwavering focus on your personalized goals and visions.

We pledge to be honest in every aspect of our business. We believe in the art of giving. Our focus is on setting realistic goals by creating the roadmap that leads to positive gains. We tend to share our passion with you when it comes to maintaining good health.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is enter the product name you are looking for in the search box. We deal with the rest! We provide you with all merchants that offer that item and a number of ways to better your search to find the product that best suits your needs.

We include sellers who sell health products related to men’s care, skin care, sports nutrition, weight loss products, women’s health, teeth whitening, health and beauty stores, cosmetics, pet health, general health, colon health and bodybuilding products.

For reliable merchants

We do not work with unknown merchants. We make sure to represent only the well-reputable and accredited, online healthcare merchants.

Give your feedback and share your thoughts

We do not believe in giving monologues! We want you to share your experiences with us and others. We enable you to review merchants and vote on product reviews. So, kindly take out some time to do so. We want nothing but your honest reviews and feedbacks.

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