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Back Workouts for Men: The 6 Best Routines for Bigger Lats

Back exercises often contribute to forming a sculpted backside. It pretty much looks good as you walk away. However, back exercises are better known for certain other health-related benefits. These workouts give you a strong back that keeps your posture upright. These impact your spine as well.

Certain trainees at the gym are inclined towards working the muscles they see in the mirror. These muscles are basically the ones you flex in your reflection to prove you are looking good. This mainly applies to your chest, biceps, fronts of the shoulders, quads, and abs.
Bodybuilders need to give extra care to their physical health. After all, all parts of their physique are up for judgment. So, back exercises are pretty important to them. These provide them with the required symmetry between the front and back sides of their bodies.
Most of you try to hit your back with every possible technique on a weekly basis. So, you might consider bringing changes to your back training plan. You might need to implement a set of more effective techniques to get your back training on track. You can actually try to play around with different counting styles.

The focus is a vital factor when you are working on your back muscles at the gym. You can try to pull back, squeeze hard and think about the muscles that you are working.

If you are hunting For Bigger Lats, here are the 6 top routines for bigger lats:

  • Go for straight-Arm Pull-Down
    When you pair this movement with the low-cable row in a superset, you get the best of results. This tends to pre-exhaust the lats and drives a lot of blood into the muscles. When the blood in the muscle is more, you will have to squeeze harder. This is mainly because the muscle is full.
  • Go for straight-arm lat pull-down
    This exercise is meant for capturing the function of the lat muscle. This form of workout brings the humerus down and back. Humerusforms the upper arm bone. Thus, this movement is pretty much focused on the humerus.

You should try to keep a slight bend in your elbows. Try not to change your torso angle. Keep in mind that the motion needs to come right from the shoulder joint. You are bound to feel an intense stretch in your lats when you are at the top of the movement. When at the bottom, you would be required to push your chest through. You just need to focus on your lats to move the weight.

You should stretch between sets. When between your supersets, you should grab whatever you can and pull on those lats. This superset can give you a good deal of benefits.

  • Go for reverse-grip lat pull-down
    Maintaining an upright position, you should pull the bar all the way to your chest. At the time of doing this movement with a reverse grip, you might realize that it allows you to pull the elbows down easier. This is mainly because you’re in a really natural angle. At the time of pulling your elbows down hard, you are provided with a full level of contraction. You can put your head through your arms at the top of the rep. This pretty much allows you to completely stretch and elongate your lats.Keep in mind that your grip width on this exercise is all about your personal preference. You need to make sure that your hands are in line with your shoulders. This leads to a straight pull. It even applies less strain on your wrists. You should also know that it is required for you to get your elbows down and back. This is an effective way by which you can keep your chest high.
  • Try to be seated low-cable row
    You can consider getting a full stretch in the extended position of this exercise. You can do so by allowing your lats to stretch forward. On the way back, your back should not go beyond a right angle. You should try to pull hard with your elbows and not with your lower back. You need to keep your chest high during all of your back movements. You should know that when you let it drop, you might just start pulling with your biceps.
  • Go for close-grip lat pull-down
    In this form, you need to sit facing away from the weight stack. You do not have to put your knees under the pads. You just need to wedge your butt beneath them and keep your lower back flat against them.
  • Go for reverse-grip Barbell row
    You must go for reverse-grip pull-downs because reverse-grip rows allow the most natural position. It also tends to provide you with the biggest and deepest pull and contraction. When you are doing a row with an overhand grip, your elbows might tend to move away from the body at certain times.

Many people want to move their torso up high as they row. This is not unnecessary. When you are coming high, you should know that it is because the weight is pretty heavy. You might decide to stay over the bar. Your back angle might remain consistent.

Your head should be in a neutral position. It should have a proper alignment with your spine. You must not crank your neck up so you are looking at the ceiling. Your head position needs to keep your spine at a flat angle.

The bar should stay close to your thighs. You need to drag the bar up your legs and pull it into your belly button. This is clearly one of those exercises that people can get too excited about and add too much weight. It matters how you use it. You should use enough weight to really feel that contraction in your back. But, do not try to use a lot of weights because you might have to use other muscle groups to move it.


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