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How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

When you have already lost a good amount of weight, you might be shocked and devastated to realize that you’ve got bumps and bulges of loose skin. It appears saggy skin. However, you need not worry much since you do not need any form of tricky surgery to fix the problem. You just need to tighten that skin. You can follow a few tips that will eventually help you to show off a toned, lean and healthy-looking body.

Is loose skin equivalent to fat?
Some of you might be of the opinion that loose skin is the excess fat hanging on. Loose skin is actually the deposit of fat that takes longer to shrink than others. In the case of men, you might find this fat mainly in the stomach region. In the case of women, it’s widely found in the hips, thighs, and butt.

You need a few special diets and exercises to achieve the required weight loss. First of all, you need to test if you’re really dealing with a legit case of excess skin or if you’re being mislead by soft fat. For this, you just need to pinch the part of your body. If you are able to grab more than a few millimeters of skin, then it is fat to that you can lose. Remember that unless you burn away the majority of the fat it’s covering, the skin on top is not going to tighten. It might further add to the droopy appearance. The skin is shaped by what’s underneath. In case you’ve lost those last stubborn fats, it will tighten for sure.

Is Loose Skin Surgery a good option?
Some of you might consider surgery for your loose skin. But, it is not a smart solution, after all. When you lose enough fat and build enough muscle, you are likely to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

It is recommended for men to not go for the surgical route until they hit 10% body fat. For women, the threshold is 20%.

When you get lean, you might have lost most of your stubborn torso fat. So, you will be able to see if you have a genuine loose skin problem. In case you are of the opinion that the loose skin is just fat, it can be hard to figure out until you get lean.

If you starve yourself and do a bunch of cardio, you’ll lose weight, but not fat. This leads to the soft “skinny fats”.
In order to look lean, you need to go beyond “weight loss”. You should consider your body composition. If you are more into getting an athletic physique, don’t just concentrate on losing weight. Focus on losing fat instead. This way you can preserve your muscles all the same.

Your skin can shrink and expand and shrink again. This can happen when you are young. Most of the times, rapid weight loss is the main reason for skin elasticity. You can also go for some of the other lifestyle choices that lower skin elasticity and heighten the risk and severity of loose skin.

Here are the top smart ways to improve skin elasticity:

  • Avoid heavy smoking
    It might be a shock to some of you that smoking leads to loosening your skin. If you want to keep your skin glowing and healthy, you have to give up on cigarettes. Smoking can make your skin look older than real.
  • Involve a good deal of protein in your daily diet
    You need to consume sufficient proteins in order to loose skin. Keep in mind that protein helps you to keep your skin moist, wrinkle-free and elastic. A high-protein diet is associated with skin health and youthful appearance. A low protein intake affects your skin, making it dry. Your skin is also prone to wrinkles and losing elasticity.A high protein diet builds more muscle and gets you stronger. You can lose more fat and have less muscle. You are bound to feel fuller for a long time. They actually do a better job than carbs and fats! With good protein intake, you can preserve more muscle as you age. Thus, high-protein diet is the way to go.
  • Eat a good deal of fruits and vegetables
    Fruits and vegetables help you to loose skin. Eating fruits and vegetables provides you with a whole new bunch of health benefits. People who eat higher amounts of these foods are more likely to live longer, disease-free lives than those who don’t eat enough proteins. Only a few people know the quantity and quality of proteins that they should take to avail benefits!You need to keep yourself well-informed is you wish to go for a protein diet. When you have enough knowledge, you are at no risk. When you are negligent, it increases the risk of chronic disease and dysfunction.When you follow a high daily intake of fruit and vegetables daily, your skin grows beautiful and you end up looking way healthier.
  • Go for the Right Supplements
    There are many protein supplements that are available that help you with loosing skin. Mainly, there are mainly two supplements that are worth considering. These include gelatin. You can include fish oil in your diet. It can supplement your efforts to improve the look and quality of your skin. Gelatin is a type of protein that comes from collagen. It is a protein that’s vital for healthy skin. Gelatin can stimulate the production of collagen and thereby improve skin elasticity. The ideal dosage is usually 250 mg per day. Though gelatin isn’t the easiest thing to fit into your diet plan, it is most easily found in sweets and desserts.
  • How much skin will tighten up?
    Keep in mind that rapid weight loss doesn’t allow the skin time to slowly resume to normal. This is one of the reasons to lose fat slowly.If you are exercising regularly and increasing lean body mass with weight training, you will be more likely to minimize the appearance of loose skin.


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