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How to Sell on Weight Directory?

About Weight Directory

Weight Directory is an exclusive multi-vendor platform that is entirely dedicated to enabling vendors to sell a wide array of healthcare products. We provide a unique platform to showcase various health-related products as well as services.

Our prime objective is to help you do your savings right when it comes to shopping for healthcare products online. You are guaranteed to come across the best health care deals on our site. We ensure to present quality health product sellers for you to avail the best possible services and products.

At Weight Directory, you can find separate categories of products. This will make your search easy and quick. As per your personalized health-related needs, you can pick a specific category of health-related products. Thus, you can gather the most diligent results on our site.

We do not involve unknown or irrelevant merchants. We only go for accredited online healthcare merchants.

At Weight Directory, our major aim is to help you find the high-quality products by brand, category or price within a fraction of seconds! Here, you can go for a healthcare deal as well. You certainly can find some of the best deals here. You can pretty much compare quotes from plenty of vendors on our site in a convenient manner. This way you can find the most handsome deal for yourself!

Who Can Become a Seller?

  • An individual: If you are an accredited seller, you can be a seller on our platform.
  • A registered business: If you have a registered business, you can sell your healthcare products on your platform and help your business grow as well.

Here is a list of steps to register on weight directory as Online Seller:

  • First, decide the products you want to sell. You can then list them down.
  • Next, you can go to www.weightdirectory.com/vendor-register to fill up the “Vendor Registration” form.
  • On completing the registration process, update your profile and start adding products
  • Once you receive orders, get the goods ready and deliver the products.
  • You can receive payments at the end of the month in your account once your orders are fulfilled.
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