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How to Reduce Stress to Lose Weight?

We all agree that stress is bad. Stress and overeating are two things that can come hand in hand. Stress that goes on for too long can really affect your weight loss journey.

Here are some top tips to lessen stress in order to lose weight:

Go for anti-inflammatory foods

If stress is common in your life, your body is susceptible to inflammation in general. Besides, stress might make you eat a good deal of junk food. Certainly, this won’t help your body in the long run! Keep in mind that eating junk food will cause a good deal of inflammation. As per certain studies, there has been direct relation between your emotions and the food you eat at a moment. When you are stressed, you normally want to eat foods that make you feel stressed to a great extent. So, get into the habit of eating anti-inflammatory foods as well ascutting down on foods that won’t give you a good deal of energy.

First of all, make sure totake in processed or packaged food items. Abstain from hidden sugars as well as fats. Make sure to replace foods that involve fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables that cause alkalinity. Certain vegetables such as asparagus, spinach and broccoli,are likely to make the urine smell bad. Go for foods that containfolic acid that is a B vitamin which helps you chill out. Go for blueberries, blackberries and strawberries that help to prevent too much stress. The other good thing is that you can actually eat as much as you wish.

Apply self-soothing techniques

You might be a food-lover. However, it is wrong to use food to cause certain emotions like pleasure, comfort etc. However, such foods often heighten certain complex emotions in you that might be too difficult for you to manage. You need to learn new ways to manage complex or difficult emotions. Some of these ways might be healthier than the habit of eating with emotions.

For soothing yourself, you can need to take some really slow as well as deep breaths first. Then, relax your muscles well and say to yourself that you are fine. Try to practice good deal of mindfulness. For this, you might have to focus on the present. You can indulge in exercise, dance, long walk, jogging etc. make sure to practice self-compassion. Value yourself. Talk to yourself. Go inwards and see what is troubling you in actuality. Indulge in funny acts that might make you laugh. Keep in mind that smiling and laughing and being happy releases endorphins. Make small trips or just go visit the nearby mall! Sometimes, small things do make you genuinely happy.

Join a yoga class

For lowering stress, you can join a yoga class. This is one of the most effective ways to release stress. If you are stressed out on a daily basis, you probably tend to pull away from your body because it’s so bogged down by tension. Yoga can help with that. However, you need to do yoga the right way!It is likely to calm your mind plus reduce anxiety and tension. It also gets easier for you to release yourtough emotions such as guilt, fear, anger etc.

Try not to judge your weight every now and then. You might be holding on to some weight, but that does not mean you ought to go hard on yourself. Just relax. Try to be free from any judgment. Yoga does train your nervous system to deal with stress. Above all, be calm. The bottom-line is that doing yoga helps you feel good that makes you want to take good care of yourself.

Say yes to earthing

Yes, you got it right! It is really healthy to walk barefoot in wet grass or even soil. Your body has water plus minerals thatare linked to the earth. The surface tends to pull the ions that are positively charged. When you put your feet into the soil, it is called earthing. This pretty much grounds your body plus gets the free radicals neutralized. Earthing leads to a major improvement in your body’s cortisol levels. Earthing also includes swimming in a natural body of water. Keep in mind that lakes, waterfalls, streams and oceans tend to generate negative ions that provide you with certain benefits. Some of the common ones are heightened oxygen flow, good deal of protection against allergens, increase in serotonin thatincreases depression, getting rid of free radicals, strengthening your body’s immune system and many more.

Take a warm cup of tea in the morning

When you drink a cup of tea in the morning,it helps you focus well. You get to be mentally alert. Also, you tend to get many other health benefits that includes a solid boost to your overall immune system. Additionally, it also lowers the risk for stroke plus heart disease and stroke plus cancers.

Taking a full breakfast

Having a filling breakfast is a good way to start the day. You can go for oats that are filled with fiber. Also, take good deal of protein, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, iron etc. Go for less saturated fat. When you go for a breakfast that contains a good deal of nutrients, you get to stay active and healthy throughout the day.

Limit your technological distractions

Too much TV or phone can not only make you lazy but also increase your overall stress level. Constant notifications can drive you mad in the morning.

Say yes to eggs

Have one egg a day. Go for the whole egg including the yolk in case you do not have some specific medical conditions. An egg per day helps you prevent yourself from any risk of stroke. The best way to eat egg is to eat a hardboiled egg in breakfast or lunch.

Embrace yoga

Do yoga every single day. Do it the right way. Take help from a yoga trainer, if possible. Along with yoga, do eat healthy.

Take a break

When you have an active job, do take a break. This is more than necessary. Take long breaths. You can also go for some stretches that will help you release tension.


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