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Top 5 Books For Weight Loss Motivation

Most weight loss books can be so exhausting but these best 5 books for weight loss motivation could put you on the road to fitness.

Here are the top 5 books for weight loss motivation:

Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir

The author of this popular book is Jennette Fulda. Unlike other weight-loss related books, this book does not really present you with loads of tips and instructions to lose weight. You will not come across dry facts about weight loss here! Instead, you will go through a vivid weight-loss memoir of the author that puts more focus on the realistic aspect of weight loss and good health. The author tells her story in which she lost half of her weight once she realized to have reached 169kg at a certain point. She shares several ups and downs of her weight-loss journey. Her positive outlook and tone can strike the right chords, making it all too relatable and human! Going through this book, you are likely to connect to the story on a personal level like never before! You can get some major takeaways and might be left shaken up. Being a good reader, you will be able to develop a great weight loss philosophy that might actually drive you towards attaining overall fitness.

Food Matters: A Guide To Conscious Eating

The author of this book is Mark Bittman who is also a food journalist. This book emphasizes the fact that eating healthy is key to a fit body. The author provides a generous explanation as to how healthy eating is linked to the preservation of the environment. He states that unhealthy foods clearly give way to the rise in pollution. Thus, apart from focusing on losing weight, he also focuses on the importance of saving our planet. Speaking of the second half of the book, it consists of 75 recipes that are not only good for weight loss and maintenance but also environment-friendly.

The No-Diet: Do Something Different

This book is written by Ben Fletcher. In this book, Professor Ben Fletcher makes use of various case studies as well as facts to prove that dieting is not always supposed to be ‘no fun’!This book teaches you not to put too many restrictions on your eating habits as well as fad diets. This book mainly puts focuses on the strength of behavioral change, as far as weight loss is concerned. The book lets you immerse yourself into a 28-day program where you get to learn different changes related to your behavior. These internal changes might disrupt your poor eating habits in some manner. It can be said that this book can be highly inspirational for you if you are in the mood for losing some weight.

Thin For Life:

10 Keys To Success From People Who Have Lost Weight And Kept It Off
The author of the book is Anne Fletcher. This book has a different approach from that applied in certain basic diet books. This book offers you lots of variety. The author, Anne Fletcher, sheds light on 160 ‘masters of weight loss’ who have lost genuine amounts of weight in different ways. A lot of details have been provided as to how they did it in actuality. Thus, readers can get a clear idea as to why those methods were so effective. Once you come across various methods for genuine weight loss, you can choose the one that suits your body and lifestyle! There is no doubt that one of those 160 weight loss stories will get you inspired, in the least.

Our Lady Of Weight Loss:

Miraculous And Motivational Musings From The Patron Saint Of Permanent Fat Removal
The author of this great book is Janice Taylor. There is no dieting religion involved here. This book is useful to people who believe that weight loss is tough. This book can be your friend to motivate you to follow a healthy diet to lose weight. You can get some simple tips to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily. The book also teaches you to practice certain habits to maintain a safe distance from junk food.

There are some other books worth mentioning as well. One such book is The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet:

Smart, Simple, Science-Based Strategies for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off. The author is Barbara Rolls and Mindy Hermann. The best part is that this book teaches you that eating food is important for losing weight in a healthy manner. Thus, this book is best suited for individuals who have a hard time fasting or cutting down on too many calories on a daily basis. This book was ranked the second-best diet for weight loss as per the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Diet Rankings. This book preaches that you need to eat the normal amount of food, just with lesser calories. This implies that you should eat a few energy-dense foods. These include fruits plus veggies. This book provides you with many tools and recipes to help you shed weight. The takeaway you can get is that you need to deprive yourself of food in order to shed weight.

Another prominent book in this niche is Wheat Belly:

10-Day Grain Detox: Reprogram Your Body for Rapid Weight Loss and Amazing Health. The author is William David. The diet philosophy here is that unhealthy carbs lead to obesity. This book is best suited for those individuals who think that their carb addiction is too intense! The author is a renowned cardiologist who provides you with a 10-day wheat detox to help you step by step. During these 10 days, the program follows certain recipes that help you do away with unhealthy wheat plus grains. At the same time, it teaches you to detect certain withdrawal symptoms. It also teaches you to do away with certain bad eating habits.

The book called The Fast Metabolism Diet:

Eat More Food and Lose More Weight is a good one too. The author is Haylie Pomroy. The philosophy here is to be strategic and smart about your eating habits on a regular basis. The quantity of food and your eating patterns impacts the fitness level of your body.


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